Come On Ride That Train

Posted by Phildo |

Well here we are again, blog. Stupid blog. Stupid blog that I bought a domain for so I could tell people that it's a "website" and not a "blog." Who are we kidding? You're a blog. Through and through, you're a collection of thoughts, interests and crap. I haven't written anything on you in awhile because I was...I don't know. Distracted? Or maybe I just didn't feel like writing. That's probably it. I was probably laid up doing nothing when I could have been writing about this, that or the other.

I read an interesting post over on McSweeney's today about being a writer. It sort of kicked my stupid ass. I think a lot of the time people who claim to be "writers" are really just pretentious assholes who at one point or another had someone tell them they are good at writing. But there's more to being good at writing than knowing how to put a sentence together or having a grasp of syntax. Writing isn't just something that happens when it pleases you. If you're a real writer, you're writing daily. You're writing whether it's shit or Pulitzer material.

I'm done being a "writer." It's time to be a writer again.

For now, definitely check out the link to McSweeney's. A refreshing glimpse of honesty.